Taking the right
steps is the keys to life.

Create your real possibility to living a impactful healthier life.

Plan for the Blessings

Find a doctor who you feel comfortable with. He or she should also be an expert in HIV.

Develop Your Support Team

The right doctor is one you can have a lasting relationship with. He or she should be someone you feel comfortable with. That way, the two of you can have an open and honest conversation and support

Keep All Appointments

There is a calendar function on your cell phone, start using it. Keep track of your appointment, plus bring your questions with you. You can view these questions right on your phone also, the app is alraedy there.

Be Real with Yourself and Your Support Team

Working together helps your doctor find the right HIV treatment for you. As you move forward, you'll want to keep track of how you're feeling. Stay in regular contact with your doctor. Let him or her know about any changes or problems in your health.

HIV/AIDS Websites Links

AEGiS, AIDS.gov, AIDSinfo, aidsmap, AIDSTAR-Two, also stay connected with the policy surround HIV. AIDS United is a great site to keep up with all changes. There are more links listed below.


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