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Transportation to Support Rural Healthcare

Transportation is an important social determinant of health in rural communities. The availability of reliable transportation impacts a person’s ability to access appropriate and well-coordinated healthcare, purchase nutritious food, and otherwise care for him or herself. Rural populations most likely to need transportation services to maintain their health and well-being. The elderly, people with disabilities, low-income individuals and families. Veterans and people with special healthcare needs, who often must travel long distances to access care. Our goal is to help meet that need from coordinated collaborative approach. Keep our focuses on how communities can provide transportation services to support access to rural healthcare, which may also benefit healthcare providers by decreasing inappropriate use of EMS services, improving utilization of healthcare services, and decreasing no-show rates. All states has guide that highlights transportation as a community-based service that can allow the elderly and people with disabilities to live successfully in a community rather than entering a long-term care facility or leaving the community.

Prayer, Peer support, Counseling, Mentoring and Support Management

Today, mentoring is a common practice in education and business. Newly graduated teachers are often assigned a mentor to walk with them through their first year of teaching. In the corporate world, one often needs a mentor, or sponsor, who opens doors for this person to understand the company’s ethos and to help this person to climb the corporate ladder. For all intents and purposes, we will define or describe mentoring as the activity of helping another person to grow in their skills, character, and knowledge in any given area of life. Cross-age peer mentoring programs are an increasingly popular choice for educators and youth development professionals hoping to create positive outcomes for youth..

Career Development and Job training Creation

NSSM will identify the needs of unemployed lower skilled individuals, and find what kinds of individual needs and barriers should NSSM programs be seeking to address in order to effectively support positive labour market transitions?. NSSM will work to identify the best approach and the most effective practices. NSSM has conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups with employment and career counsellors, training providers and selected experts from our faith-based partners..

We're a Transportation Support-focused Group based in Rock Hill South Carolina. Without transportation to healthcare there is no care.