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Rural Medical Transportation Support Services
About Us

The NSSM Alliance will exist for one reason help support beautiful people that are infected with HIV/AIIDS plus to prevent others from becoming infected with educationaal prevention processes. NSSM wants to help find and support an end to HIV-AIDS through community actions. This is an ambitious but realistic vision with your help and support. We are currently leading a mass testing initiative to identify and treat the 25 million people who are unaware they are infected. NSSM is having its 4th annual Gold Carpet gala and HIV-AIDS Fundraiser this December of the 8th at Getty Art Center in Rock Hill South Carolina. We want to set big goals and partner with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and have 1 billion people tested each year. We know that it takes a global community partnership to make this happen. It takes school, businesses, families, government leadership and most of all, the hearts of all to serve in this battle. At NSSM overall goal is the reduction of new infections in raual areas and the world. We believe that your hands connected together with the hands of GOD, together we can overcome this socially accepted disease, it is not inevitable.

We will support the raual communities to be empower with medical transportation models. In rural areas, we have unique transportation barriers to accessing medical care, which include a lack of mass transit options and considerable distances to health-related services. The real power is in Transportation Collaboration Partnerships, each one connect one, to support one to save one. NSSM will focus on reducing barriers that prevent people from getting to medical services and community care by building our business support model around Rural Medical Transportation Services. Help is not a long distance away. We will provide practical assistance with housing, mental health concerns, substance use & abuse, medication adherence, peer support, faith-based collaboration support partherships in the transportations industries, by providing transportation of passengers and support activities related to non-emergency medical modes of transportation.

States are required to cover non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) to Medicaid beneficiaries who need transportation in order to access medically needed services. This includes both local providers of care and tertiary healthcare facilities. We will provide education through seminars, faith-based collaboration support and health initiatives, and we will increase cultural competency among providers.

The devastating effects of AIDS on a family

Keep quiet or take action, pick ONE....

What We Do

We make sure you get the most loving and caring support experience
Faith-based Collaboration Support

The NSSM teams will help you to build, design, and run your outreach programs with our coordinated collaborative approach. We help you bring your faith and community leaders together to discusse developing a framework for community partnerships in response to community behavioral health issues.

Case Management

NSSM works from the Supportive Case Management and Comprehensive Case Management models. The two models work in respond to varied levels of client need, readiness for case management services, and resources. Our programs provide both models of management to add flexibility to vary the level of case management services while maintaining continuity of care by shifting a client from one model to another when the client’s circumstances change.

Health Initiatives Outreach

NSSM look at comprehensive vs disease specific, approaches. Communicable diseases prevention models and the efficiency, along with sustainability at all levels of the HIO. This cover financing, policy development, planning and human resources in the public and non-public sectors. We work from short and long term sustainability and capacity building models. We look at treating the consequence and solving the causes. All is worked from a evidence base model.

Educational Seminars

NSSM will follow the CDC framework of the Health Literacy Action Plan. NSSM course of action starts with Review: our organization’s priorities and programs and ask, how could attention to health literacy improve our services and outcomes in the community? Choose: Identify the most relevant goals and strategies in our programs. Try: Plan Build and Run the implementmented strategies. Evaluate: NSSM effectiveness of our programs strategies

Our Practical assistance with housing

To collaboratively develop a view of the dynamics of homelessness prevention and temporary accommodation provision in North and South carolina market. NSSM wants to develop an insightful process to address the needs and provide support to met the needs.

NSSM wants to develop partnerships to address and develop ideas for new interventions that could transform the housing system by addressing the causes of homelessness and ensuring emergency support is a last resort that is both affordable and supportive for families.

Our Guide to career development and job training

NSSM will identify the needs of unemployed lower skilled individuals, and find what kinds of individual needs and barriers should NSSM programs be seeking to address in order to effectively support positive labour market transitions?.

NSSM will work to identify the best approach and the most effective practices. NSSM has conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups with employment and career counsellors, training providers and selected experts from our faith-based partners.

Our Guide to Prayer, peer support, counseling and mentoring

Today, mentoring is a common practice in education and business. Newly graduated teachers are often assigned a mentor to walk with them through their first year of teaching. In the corporate world, one often needs a mentor, or sponsor, who opens doors for this person to understand the company’s ethos and to help this person to climb the corporate ladder.

For all intents and purposes, we will define or describe mentoring as the activity of helping another person to grow in their skills, character, and knowledge in any given area of life. Cross-age peer mentoring programs are an increasingly popular choice for educators and youth development professionals hoping to create positive outcomes for youth.

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To engage the community to transform lives, promote respect and dignity for all people touched by HIV through compassionate care, education & leadership development.
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Rural Texans With HIV Or AIDS Face Stigma, And Limited Care Options, Texas has the fourth highest rate of HIV and AIDS in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A majority of the 86,000 Texans with these conditions live in urban areas, where there’s better access to medical care and a greater chance of avoiding the stigma that can come with a positive diagnosis. But for Texans with HIV or AIDS who live in smaller towns, finding medical care and human compassion – can be much more difficult..

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What Outreach Partners are Saying

What are the people saying about NSSM
Vincent W Smith
The Church Of Life

“NSSM is one of the keys to fighting this war from the street level, AIDs/HIV is a social war and it needs to be addressed”

Martin L Smith
Christ Connections

“Please keep NSSM team in prayer, just are on the front lines of community support. We need this class of support around the world”

Eloise M Smith
TJT Group

“NSSM has programs that work on the soul of man, they build your partnership support to make the connection to success”